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Historical Tour

The Byramine Homestead was built in 1842 by the famous explorer Hamilton Hume for his sister-in-law, Elizabeth Hume and her nine children after her husband was murdered by Bushrangers, in Gunning NSW.

The Homestead was classified by the National Trust because of its unique design, featuring octagonal rooms. The central room, known as the fortress room allowed a clear view from all angles in case of attack from bushrangers or natives. A beautiful garden was established around the homestead, the Elm trees planted by Elizabeth are the oldest in Victoria. Visitors are able to enjoy exploring the Byramine Homestead and its surrounds. The homestead was originally nestled within the Yarrawonga Run, a station that was 85,000 acres of sheep and beef. Today it is surrounded by one of the largest vegetables farms in Australia.

Virtual Tour

Please watch our video for a small taste of what you will see at the Byramine Homestead.
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