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Brewery and Cider House

Guests are welcome to come and sample the selection of beer and ciders brewed at Byramine Homestead. In house is also a range of boutique wines produced at Byramine. 

'The Home of Cobram Cremé'

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Cold Beer


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Byramine Homestead - 'The Home of Cobram Cremé'

A Rich Coffee & Chocolate Cremé

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Bullock and Dray Draught:
A classic draught beer which is easy to drink as it is low in hops and flavour. 4.9%

Kelpie's Curse:
A German style Larger. Light in hops with medium aroma, bitterness and flavour. 4.9%

1842 Ale:
A Classic Pale Ale. High in Hops with a passionfruit aroma. 4.9%
Humes Golden Ale:
Classic golden ale with stone fruit flavours and aroma. 4.9%
Convicts Cure:
An Indian Pale Ale with a big malt flavour and a massive hops profile. 5.0%
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Quinn's Poison:
The local's favourite. A thirst quenching cider, filled with Lemon and Lime. 5%
Sage's Syrup:
A take on a traditional sweet Pear Cider. 5% 
Nanny Mc's Ginger Beer:
Smooth on the palette with a good punch of Ginger. 5%
Remi's Remedy:
A lightly sparkling Apple Cider, well balanced and bursting with flavour. 5%
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